barbara beck_fachuebersetzungen_portraet Barbara Beck
Professional translator for English and Spanish

  • German mother tongue
  • Translation studies at the University of Heidelberg Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  • Graduation (Diplom) in English and Spanish
  • Dissertation for diploma: Technical language in science and technology
  • Authorized as translator for courts and notaries, for English and Spanish translations
  • Working as a translator in the foreign languages department of Carl Schenck AG, Darmstadt
  • Legal translating for courts, law offices and private customers
  • Working as a free-lance translator in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg: Barbara Ketzer-Beck Translation Office
  • Since March 2012 my office barbara beck fachübersetzungen is located in Freiburg
  • Member of BDÜ, the German Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators

B. Beck

Important: Membership of the BDÜ is a sure mark of quality: all potential members have to present evidence of their professional qualifications before they can join the Association. This offers an additional safeguard for clients commissioning linguistic services and enhances the professional standing of BDÜ members. (
  • As a qualified translator of English and Spanish technical texts I am also cited in the BDÜ Directory of translators for technical documentation 
  • I am networked with other translators of various mother tongues.
  • Continuous training, e.g. seminars offered by BDÜ, ADÜ Nord, University of Hildesheim, University of Applied Sciences in Munich etc.

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