You wish to place a translation order?

No problem. Please proceed in the following way:

  • File: You can send the document electronically by e-mail,  in hardcopy, on CD or DVD or by fax.
  • Target language: Please indicate the target language you will need. Don’t forget to mention the required variant, such as British or American English, Spanish meant for Spain, Latin America, or any special market or country.
  • Date of delivery: Please indicate the date when you need the translated text.
  • Contact: Who is the competent contact person for any questions concerning the order? Please indicate the name, e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Form: Do you need the text as a hard copy, file or in a special format?
  • Certified translation: Do you need your translation as a certified document?
  • Reference material: Can you provide any reference materials, previous versions of text or translations or your company glossaries etc.?
  • Quote and delivery date: Once I have received these pieces of information you will get a quote and delivery date.

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