Specialist areas Grafik_Barbara Beck

  • Glass Glassmaking, Materials testing, Optical quality control
  • Environmental technology Solar thermal energy, Solar heating, Photovoltaic panels, Wind turbines, Wind farms, Hydro power, Bio Mass, Renewable energy, Clean energy Saving of energy, Energy efficiency, Environmental engineering
  • Paper Printing industry, Postpress, Finishing, Packaging, Promotion
  • Materials testing Glass, Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Inspection, Test engineering
  • Hardware + Software IT, Website localisation, Programmes
  • Mechanical engineering Plant technology, Mechanics, Cutting machines, Die-cutters, Knife technology, Knife grinding, Knives, Blades
  • Electrical engineering + Electronics Drive systems, Motors, Components, Circuitry
  • Electrical, measuring and control technology Equipment, Instruments
  • Biotechnology Nanotechnology
  • Certified translations Documents, certificates, reports, testimonials